A typical day at ISW

Early Years

Each child begins the day with a greeting and handwriting as a group. The children then move into small teaching groups for their phonics lesson. After phonics, students move into specific activities. This is child-initiated learning where the adults facilitate and support the children to develop key skills. Throughout the day the children will also have a literacy lesson, based on the current theme and a math lesson. These are no longer than 30 minutes for Reception and 20 minutes for Nursery. The rest of the day is filled with exciting activities based on ISW’s EY aspects of learning in the Early Years. Adults will support children in small groups or as individuals to challenge and extend their learning or to support them to consolidate previous learning.


During the week there will be further learning opportunities provided by specialist teachers including music, art, sports, performance arts, ICT and another language (Polish, French, Spanish, German or Chinese). Sometimes we will all dress up and have a themed day! Sometimes we will have a special visitor, such as, an author or a person with an important job in our community and sometimes we will immerse ourselves in a story so that we can relive it in our play! Our children have excellent outcomes by the end of the year and are well prepared for the transition to Primary School. We finish the day by sharing our success, having a snack and reading a story together.

Primary Classes

A Typical Day at ISW for Primary Students


A typical day has 9 x 45 minutes classes, breakfast, lunch and 2 x snack times. At ISW, we believe that we’ve created a perfectly balanced schedule.


The day starts with breakfast in our cafeteria between 7:45 and 8:10. The first class starts at 8:15.Snack and recess is at 10:30, lunch at 12:30 and the second snack and recess time starts at 14:15.


There are two main streams of instruction: English or French. Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies are taught in one of these languages. All students also take a second/mother language: Polish, French, Chinese, Spanish, English or German. The rest of the subjects are taught in English. These subjects include: Outdoor Education, STEaM Education, Physical Education, Performance Arts, Music, ICT/Robotics and Fine Arts. Clubs happen twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and may include robotics, sports, year book club, arts and crafts, chess, graphic design club and many more.


Buses leave at 4:15 pm from Monday to Thursday and at 3:00 pm on a Friday.  After-school-care are provided at an additional cost to students who need to stay at school until 5:30 pm.


A sample schedule and more details can be seen below.

Primary Subjects:

  • Language Arts (English or French)
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Social Studies
  • Second or Mother Language
  • Outdoor Education
  • STEaM Education
  • Physical Education
  • Performance Arts
  • Mudic
  • ICT/Robotics
  • Fine Arts
  • A Foreign Language
  • Clubs
  • Additional Language Classes (As needed)
  • Special Education Classes (As needed)
  • Extra Curricular Classes (As needed)


Subject vs Time Spent per Week Comparison:
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
07:45 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
08:15 Language Arts Math Language Arts Math Language Arts
09:00 Language Arts Math Language Arts Math Language Arts
09:45 Math Social Studies Science Science Math
10:30 Snack and Recess 1 Snack and Recess 1 Snack and Recess 1 Snack and Recess 1 Snack and Recess 1
11:00 Science ICT ICT Social Studies Social Studies
11:45 Science Foreign Language Foreign Language Robotics Social Studies
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:15 Second Language Second Language Second Language Second Language Tribes/Second Step
14:00 Second Language Second Language Second Language Second Language Weekly Assembly
14:45 Snack and Recess 2 Snack and Recess 2 Snack and Recess 2 Snack and Recess 2 Snack and Recess 2
15:00 Physical Education Outdoor Education Physical Education Performing Arts Buses Depart
15:45 Art Clubs Music Clubs
16:30 Buses Depart Buses Depart Buses Depart Buses Depart

Middle School Classes

The early teen years mark a time of tremendous physical, emotional and social development. As such, the ISW Middle School Academic program is designed to meet the varied intellectual and developmental needs of students aged between 11 and 14 years. Our program is designed to refine the core skills initiated in the Primary School, with specialist teachers guiding them in the fundamental subject-specific skills that they will require for higher studies in related areas.

The Middle School timetable provides for specialist teachers to teach all subjects. Their growing independence means they will increasingly move between rooms and teachers, adopting more of a High School model.

Students have a broad and balanced range of subjects, including the core subjects of English or French, Humanities, Mathematics and Science. In addition, courses in the Arts, languages, physical education and other exploratory subjects in areas such as design and technology ensure that students are able to learn and develop across a range of subjects. The ability to communicate in more than one language is a key goal in the Middle School curriculum, and students have access to a range of beginner, continuation and advanced language programs. Depending on when they join the school, they join, and their previous study students have available Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Polish.

Students’ organizational skills are tested and developed with their tutor/mentor teacher playing an important role. Tutors/mentors work closely with the Heads of Grade to ensure the students’ personal and social needs are well-catered for and students are happy and progressing appropriately.

The ISW Middle School experience is challenging both academically and socially, where students are stretched and pushed, but also guided and supported in a positive and caring environment.

High School Classes

ISW offers an academically challenging and personally enriching High School education to students in Grades 9 to 12. We aim to a create a place for our students to spend High School years in a dynamic global environment.


There are two curriculum stages in the High School:


  • In Grade 9 and 10 (at age 14 and 15) students undertake the school’s robust IB preparation course, the Foundation IB (FIB), designed to equip students with a firm foundation of knowledge and skills from which to begin the IB Diploma Program. The two-year course culminates in internal examinations.
  • In Grade 11 (at age 16), the two-year IB Diploma Program (IBDP) is offered. The two-year course ends in external examinations; graduates are also awarded an ISW Diploma.

Central to the school’s values is the view that effort and commitment are vital qualities if a student is to be happy and successful. Students in all programs are expected to maintain strong effort profiles and be actively and positively engaged in the classroom and in school life. We encourage our students to be self-disciplined and considerate of others.


During the final two years at the school, students in Grades 11 and 12 prepare for the highly rigorous IB Diploma, an internationally recognized pre-university qualification. Despite the high academic demands of the program, students are enrolled on the basis of much more than their academic profile. Commitment to service, a willingness to involve themselves in the many opportunities offered by the school and a belief that action and service can make a positive impact are equally important. Our staff help students in numerous ways. Some specialize in specific academic areas, such as examinations and university applications, others assist with the Extended Essay, while the High School Director oversee the students’ whole school experience.


A small number of students for whom the full IBDP is not suitable, will study for a reduced range of IB Diploma Program courses, which may be accepted for admission to some university degree programs.


Countries recognizing The International Baccalaureate Diploma

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