Our Teachers

Do you remember your own school days? Chances are the first memories to flood back are not the science equipment or the playground. Not the 19th century novel you read in secondary school, or what your mother packed you for lunch in the brown paper bag. It’s probably your favorite teacher. Perhaps because they were one of the first adults to really understand you. Or because they made learning seem so easy. Whatever the reason we know great teachers inspire great students.

That’s why at the International School of Warsaw, we pay close attention to how we train and support both our new and experienced educators. We know just how rewarding a teaching career can be, when teachers have the right support and opportunities to develop.

So, what makes a great ISW teacher?

  • ISW Quality Standards – High quality teachers all creating educational excellence
  • The Right Tools – A world of resources and tools at their fingertips
  • Career Pathways – Rewarding opportunities that can take our teachers anywhere
  • Pioneering People – Engaging teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge


Our teaching staff is recruited from around the world and all our teachers have degrees/higher degrees and teaching certifications from well-established higher education institutions. We also look for teachers who are dynamic, enthusiastic, caring, internationally minded, and lifelong learners.

We’ve recruited teachers from Australia, Canada, United States, China, France, Poland, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Philippines, and Germany. A truly international faculty for an actual international school!

Our teaching staff is complemented by teacher assistants who support student learning throughout the curriculum. A full-time, qualified Nurse provides both medical and pastoral care for all students.

Investing in high-quality teachers and their longevity at ISW is a vision originally established by the founders of the school. Our teachers are ISW’s leaders, ambassadors and role models, who are the catalysts for the high-quality education ISW provides and the impact that education makes on the world.

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