Exceptional Programs

The International School of Warsaw strives to provide an atmosphere where no student feels stifled or left behind. The school offers several academic programs that are customized to fit into the needs of every student. Because of this, it does not matter what type of learner the student is. The individualized curriculum benefits students who are gifted, students with learning disabilities, and students with special needs. At the International School of Warsaw, their educational needs are met to enable them to learn independently for them to become motivated self-starters capable of learning anything they put their mind to, exceeding their own limitations.


These programs, managed by the Special Education department, are integrated into the overall curriculum so that students who are gifted, regular, with Learning Disability (LD), and with Special Needs (SN) are integrated whenever possible. However, each student has his or her own program to follow while remaining capable enough to be part of one class group advancing at the same time at a different pace.


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