ISW Video Workshop

 Summer video workshop at ISW with Loïc Gatteau

  • Group video production workshop
  • 7 to 9 children per group
  • Television news and short film production
  • Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • In French or in English
  • All equipment provided (video camera HDV Sony, tripod, slider track, light equipment, sound recorder Zoom HN5, microphones, computer MacPro + FinalCut Pro X AND green background)


Writing, filming, editing, children will be able to approach and practice, during this workshop, the basic techniques of audiovisual creation while exercising their creativity by producing a short video, in the form of a short fiction film, or a TV news program, in front of a green screen, in the manner of real television news.


During the editing session, which is an essential step in the production of their video, students are obviously invited to submit their ideas, but I remain primarily in charge of the software, a complex tool requiring some practice to move at a reasonable pace. I will finish editing the video for these reasons alone. At the end, a public screening can be organized, a posting on the site of the school and an individual sending by internet of the video file made.


Thanks to a technical and semantic approach of the production of images, but always playful and adapted to their age, they will learn the basics of the language of the image and will thus be able to develop their critical and analytical spirit on what they are brought to watch on
television or on the internet.

Concepts discussed during the workshop:

  • Writing
    the synopsis, the scenario, the technical breakdown.
  • The image
    plan values, composition, camera angles, tracking shots, panning, the 360 ° rule, the bubble.
  • The sound
    the lapel microphone, the directional microphone, the recorder, the boom.
  • Outdoor shooting
    camera, location, scenery, sound environment, light, reflectors, diffusers, installation of equipment, white balance.
  • Indoor shooting
    light, reflectors, diffusers, installation of equipment, green background, white balance.
  • Editing
    presentation of FinalCut Pro X software, logging, timeline, cut editing, effects, masks, color correction, audio mix, music licenses, copyrights, export.


  • Day 01
    Presentation of the workshop, projections, tests with the green screen and shooting of a film sequence, editing.
  • Day 02
    Choice of the texts of the news magazine. Shooting of the news magazine with the green screen. Beginning of the editing with the kids and finishing alone.
  • Day 03
    Writing and shooting of the video report, beginning of the editing with the kids, and finishing alone.
  • Day 04
    Choice of a scenario of the film sequence. Shooting and beginning of editing.
  • Day 05
    Finalization of the editing of the film sequence. Global editing, assembly of the complete program: news magazine + video report + short film sequence.

About the presenter: Loïc Gatteau


French director, camera and drone operator, editor, I’ve regularly organized video production workshops for all audiences for almost 20 years in schools or associations in France and Poland.


“My job is to guide participants in the creative process, with and according to the equipment and time they have, taking care not to distort their choices, their ideas.”

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