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Every school promises an environment. One that’s positive, organized and presents academic challenges. But all of those elements are compulsory. Traditional, educational environments are commonplace in any school.


ISW’s environment is enhanced unlike any other school in the Warsaw area, as it’s a haven rather than an environment. Its location allows the school and its students refuge from all the problems from the city and reaps the benefits of the countryside.


Warsaw’s smog index has been compared to cities like Beijing and has repeatedly been in the top 20 for most polluted air in the world. Since ISW is located on the outskirts of city limits, the school’s atmosphere is crisp, clean and surrounded by scenic flora and fauna. Golden hills ripple into a rustic backdrop and animals scurry throughout the grounds, giving the students a natural and safe place to expand their curiosities.


The land surrounding the school sweeps far and wide, allowing for an innumerable amount of outdoor activities. With so much space the school can offer an animal’s stable for students to take care of and study; a greenhouse, where they can learn about ecosystems and environmental processes; a football field, basketball court, two playgrounds, and an outdoor performance stage.


With all of this in mind, the distance away from the city is a blessing for students’ minds and curiosities, parents’ nerves and teachers’ potentials.

How long does it take to get to ISW?

Most students go to school and back home by school bus, and because our buses use designated bus-lanes, the time shown below could even be faster.

From Galeria Mokotow – +/- 24 min
From Warsaw City Center – +/- 27 min
From Saska – +/- 29 min
From Zamienie – +/- 10 min
From Konstancin-Jeziorna – +/- 20 min
From Wilanow – +/- 29 min

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