Social Responsibility

Social responsibility forms a fundamental building block of the International School of Warsaw curricula. Starting with three-year olds and continuing to high school, our students learn to consider how their actions impact the people and environment around them. In the Primary Years, teachers weave aspects of social responsibility into the curricular programs and work done. For older students, service is a core component of the curriculum. Students have increased accountability for this aspect of the curriculum as they progress through school.


Our school strives to teach students to maintain balance in their personal development. Undoubtedly, the academic demands of coursework, particularly in the more senior years, compel students to bury their heads in their textbooks at times. Nevertheless, the importance of life outside the classroom should not be ignored — nor the rich opportunities it offers for learning.

We are committed to improving our sustainability in three main areas:


  • Environmental Sustainability:

Reducing, reusing and recycling. We also strive to choose products from ethically produced and sustainable sources.


  • Sustainability Education:

We include sustainability topics in our curriculum as well as raising awareness of environmental and social issues among our student population.


  • Creating a sustainable society:

We lead by example, showing people how to be tolerant and accepting of different cultures. We also encourage all of our stakeholders to consider sustainability in all areas of their lives. We will continue to raise awareness for, and donate money to local and international non-profit organisations.


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