Summer Camp

2018 Summer Camp registration will open March 8, 2018. Limited Spaces available!  – Read this page in POLISH

The International School of Warsaw is hosting an 8-week summer camp on our school’s campus for any student or perspective student, who’s interested in working on their English language skills, and also having tons of fun at our new, completed campus!

All of our teachers are native speakers and most teachers at the camp will be homeroom teachers in September! We are offering an enriching summer experience filled with adventure, new discoveries and unrelenting fun. Campers will be able to make new friends and be given the opportunity to learn about the world and each other!


This is a great way to introduce your child to different cultures and strengthen their ability to communicate with people all over the world.


Each week will be a different theme and students will explore each theme through language lessons, interactive activities, student projects, team building games, and off-campus field trips!


Catered meals including a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack will be provided. Transportation to and from the school’s campus, as well as transportation to any off-campus excursion is also included!


The summer camp will be broken down into 4 groups, divided by age, not English level. The main goal for the camp is for students to develop their English skills through fun activities. Parents can register for the entire summer camp or sign up for individual weeks, depending on a family’s holiday pla

Camp Groups:

  • Group 1: For 3 to 6 years old students
  • Group 2: For 7 to 9 years old students
  • Group 3: For 10 to 12 years old students
  • Group 4: For 13 to 15 years old students and other upper school students

The Camp Includes:

  • Transportation to and from school
  • Transportation to any off-campus activity
  • A morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack
  • ISW Summer Camp T-Shirts
  • Language lessons, games, activities, and student projects
  • Introduction to our Outdoor Program
  • Robotics Workshop
  • Access to our animal stable
Click on the individual weeks below to learn more about our themes! For a sample of our  –DAILY SCHEDULE CLICK HERE!
For more information regarding our Film Making Workshop CLICK HERE

Week 1:  2 July to 6 July 2018


Theme: Animal Planet


Students will immerse themselves in activities centered around the animal kingdom. Students will get a chance to participate in the construction of ISW’s animal stable, begin to take care of the animals and conclude the theme with a trip to farm!

Excursion 1: Carmen Papugarnia Excursion 2: Private Farm Visit

Week 2:  9 July to 13 July 2018


Theme: Fairy Tales


Fairy Tales instill moral and societal themes through stories, digital entertainment and strong characters. During this week, students will study some of the world’s most famous fables, as well as create their own fairy tale puppet show for their families and classmates!

Excursion (Full Day): Fairy Tale Park

Week 3:  16 July to 20 July 2018


Theme: Olympics


The Olympics are a time for global peace and competition. Students will examine the unique cultures and sports of countries that compete in the Olympics. They will work together in a friendly competition, as they compete to win ISW medals and a spot on the ISW podium!

Excursion 1: PGE Narodowy Excursion 2: Water Park

Week 4:  23 July to 27 July 2018


Theme: Mad Science


Students perform their own science experiments, which will explore a variety of science principals such as, the laws of physics, natural element phases, tornadoes and volcanoes, and much more! Pawel Piszczalka, Warsaw’s Maddest Scientist, will visit the summer camp for demonstrations and experiments.

Excursion 1: Copernicus Science Center Excursion 2: Funiversity Science Zone

Week 5:  30 July to 3 Aug 2018


Theme: Going Green


Here, we focus on the importance of environmentalism, as we explore the natural word and the science that keeps it all together. Experiments in ISW’s greenhouse, lessons on environmental issues and activities will foster a more conscious approach to the natural environment.

Excursion 1: Botanic Garden Excursion 2: Science and Fun Farm

Week 6:  6 Aug to 10 Aug 2018


Theme: Treasure Hunters


During this unit, students will examine the history of pirates and famous explorers! Students will also engage in geography activities and culminate the theme with a huge scavenger hunt around the school grounds. They will learn how to make their own ancient maps and use them to navigate using old and new technology.

Excursion 1: Escape Room Excursion 2: Labyrinth of Mirrors 

Week 7:  20 Aug to 24 Aug 2018


Theme: Superheroes


Superheroes are also a lens into many cultures around the world and instill moral themes in our everyday society. Students will examine a variety of historically and culturally significant heroes from all over the world! Through activities and games, students will learn heroes can be ordinary people, not just super-beings in capes and superpowers.

Excursion 1: Adventure Park Excursion 2: Trampoline Park

Week 8:  27 Aug to 31 Aug 2018


Theme: Performing Arts


The final week will conclude with our Performing Arts theme, which will have students examining different aspects of the fine arts, as well as different elements of performance. The week will finish with our End of the Summer event, hosted at ISW’s campus, where participating students will perform at our closing ceremony.

Excursion 1: Theater Workshop Excursion 2: Theater Tour

Camp Prices 


  • For any 1 week: 1000 pln
  • For any 2 weeks: 1750 pln
  • For any 3 weeks: 2400 pln
  • For any 4 weeks: 3275 pln
  • For any 5 weeks: 3950 pln
  • For any 6 weeks: 4250 pln
  • For any 7 weeks: 4650 pln
  • For all 8 weeks: 5000 pln



  • For each additional family member signed up they will receive a 10% discount on their fee.
  • The camp runs from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm every day.
  • After Camp Child Care Program – Please note there is an after camp child care program for parents that would like their children to stay after camp hours from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. This will include a safe venue for children to play games, talk and listen to music under our summer camp staff’s supervision. This costs an additional 30pln per day.
  • Students with little or no English skills are encouraged to participate. The teaching assistant will ensure your child understands the directions and feels comfortable in the summer camp setting.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds must be validated by the School’s Executive Director.




If you would like to solidify your child’s spot at ISW’s Summer Camp, please complete the registration form below.


Parental Consent: By completing this form and clicking submit, I release The International School of Warsaw and its sponsors from all applicants’ claims arising from participation in the camp. I also certify that the applicant is in good health except for any medical conditions that I have listed below. I give the staff permission to act in my place should emergency medical treatment be necessary.


Note: You can select all weeks or individual weeks. (Weeks do not need to be chronological).


After registration, you will receive an email confirming the total cost and payment instructions.


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